Cotton Towel Set 4 Pieces Model 5001


  • Sada Towel Set
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Different colors
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Bath Towel Set From Family Bed

Family Bed Towels Set are characterized by a high degree of absorption and softness in texture to feel refreshed with each use.

Family Bed Towels are characterized by their soft cotton texture, quality of manufacture, and the beauty of distinctive colors and shapes.

Family Bed Plain Bath Towels Set :

4 Towel

Towel size 55 x 110 cm

First set (rose – burgundy – blue – beige).

The second set (Orange – Genzari – Rose – Yellow).

The third set (orange – rose – off white – yellow).

Fourth set (maroon – off white – genzary – fuchsia).

Fifth set (rose – fuchsia – beige – mauve).

Sixth set (rose – fuchsia – genzary – yellow).

Seventh set (off white – burgundy – rose – fuchsia).

Eighth set (blue – beige – rose – burgundy).

The ninth set (Genzary – Mauve – Rose – Off white).

Tenth set (mauve – yellow – orange – genzary).

Eleventh set (mauve – maroon – genzary – off white).

The twelfth set (you can choose the colors over the phone).

carton box packing .

  • When we buy a new set of towels and wash them for the first time, we need to follow some guidelines correctly.
  • It is preferable to separate the towels from the rest of the clothes during the first washing process, because this leads to the loss of lint and linen.
  • We recommend spreading the towels out immediately after each use, and hanging them as stretchy as possible without creases or wrinkles to allow air to pass through the fabrics and to dry quickly.
  • Towels should be washed in hot water to get rid of dirt, germs and bacteria, and sometimes you can lower the temperature of the water used or do a cold water wash process to keep them for longer, when washing towels made of delicate fabrics or containing embroidery and motifs.
  • Wet or damp towels should not be stacked on top of each other in cupboards and drawers, as this can lead to bacteria growth and a bad smell.

【Good Service】– In our store, we stand behind our products. If you have any question or problem, please feel free to contact us, we are always here at your service ^_^.
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